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2 October 1986
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An Italian random girl who likes to fangirl about... stuff. Right now, my fandom is made of Kis-my-ft2 and Johnny's Juniors: ABC-Z above all, but also TheyBUDOU, Mis Snow Man, Question?, B.A.D., BOYS and so on. I have a great crush on Fujigaya Taisuke as an idol, but I'm also quite in love with Kitayama Hiromitsu, Kawai Fumito and Yara Tomoyuki (and Takizawa Hideaki, but he's hardly a Junior! XD). Oh, I'm also following Masuda Ryo's career on Shokura with a lot of professional (?) interest. And Kansai Juniors are absolutely wonderful... in their own way!

I transformed this LJ into my personal blog... but don't be scared, I rarely talk about angsty personal problems or stuff like that! (at least not here and not in English, which is far from being my mother language! XD). I also post my own fanfictions (YAOI/SLASH), but I'm still not very confident with my knowledge of English, so I only write in Italian... for now.
Anyway, of course, the main reason of me keeping this livejournal is fangirling! So, if you're a fellow fangirl (or fanboy, why not), we'll surely be good friends! XD

Apart from fandom, my greatest hobby is singing, which I do quite a lot, but I'm very far from being half as good as I wish I was. I also watch a lot of j-dramas and j-movies and tv series and I like foreign languages.
Johnny's aside, I listen to several j-artists, such as Kalafina, EXILE, AAA, the GazettE, Tohoshinki and others.
I used to like kpop as well, and I still listen to some of the groups I used to like, but kpop fandom is so fucked up that I hardly tolerate talking about it with anyone anymore. >_>

If you want to become my friend, just comment wherever you want and I will gladly add you back! ^^ I don't need anything else to welcome you in my flist, just a brief comment to say hi! ♥